October 10, 2023automatic i18n linking with nextjs 13 app router

automatic internationalized links and routing using NextJS's Link component and app router

October 9, 2023i18n routing with nextjs 13 app router

implementing internationalized routing in nextjs 13 using app router

April 2, 2023opinionated guide to internal documentation

writing documentation is hard. writing useful documentation is even harder

September 18, 2021nextjs, graphql, sequelize starter

a minimal nextjs starter with graphql api routes backed by sequelize

July 7, 2021next-mdx-relations

a tool for turning you markdown files into a digital garden by drawing relations between static files

July 4, 2021site refresh

an overview of the recent site refresh, which includes nextjs, stitches, and next-mdx-relations

December 29, 2020generating theme tokens

generating theme tokens and falling back to defaults

November 8, 2020markdown, dynamic routes, next.js

dynamic and catch-all routing in nextjs

September 6, 2020building tag pages with nextjs

using nextjs ssr to make static tag pages

August 29, 2020digital garden tooling

continued thoughts around digital gardens and gardening

August 1, 2020(re)thinking the digital garden

some preliminary thoughts around digital gardens and gardening

June 28, 2020styled system, variants, overrides

creating and overriding variants in styled system

May 25, 2020tangle frontend

this post documents setting up the frontend portion of tangle

May 25, 2020tangle

This is the first in a series of posts documenting tangle, a fullstack monorepo

March 23, 2019adding dark mode to your gatsby site with emotion js

adding dark mode and a toggle using emotion

January 20, 2019programmatic menus in Gatsby

creating a menu component that consumes a configuration object

January 2, 2019blog relaunch

relaunching the blog