alex christie

i build elegant, responsive, and speedy software and websites at graveflex. i mostly work on the front-end, and love thinking project architecture, design systems, and component libraries. i'm currently working on if-sf, a theme generator and component library, next-mdx-relations, a next.js mdx plugin, and building out

you can find some of my work here.

recent projects

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nextjs / mdx


🌱 a place to think about digital gardening

theme-ui / react


🔮 generate themes, theme objects, and theme tokens

nextjs / mdx


🌿 a set of utilities for generating and creating relations between pages in nextjs using md/x

recent writing

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September 18, 2021nextjs, graphql, sequelize starter

a minimal nextjs starter with graphql api routes backed by sequelize

July 7, 2021next-mdx-relations

a tool for turning you markdown files into a digital garden by drawing relations between static files