inadequate futures


'inadequate futures' is an in-progress dissertation by alex christie, a doctoral candidate at Loyola University Chicago who researches and writes about the entanglement of posthumanism and ethics in the present. 'inadequate futures' addresses the relationship between subjectivity and ethics in our contemporary moment, articulating the need to reorient our conceptions of futurity toward an impersonal posthuman subject. By mapping the differences in how we’ve come to describe and theorize subjectivity in the past three decades, inadequate futures theorizes the consequences and possibilities for imagining a future from our contemporary moment.

While this blog will primarily be a space for thinking about posthumanism, ethics, and contemporary representations of nonhuman subjectivity, it might also address cultural critique more general, especially contemporary film, television, art, and literature. The writing here is meant to be a work in progress, half finished thoughts that might be fleshed out later. They’re written with, what I hope is, a balance of speed, intensity, and careful reflection. In this way, it’s all under erasure.