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ucwr 110 - spring 2018

UCWR 110.003: Writing Responsibly
Spring 2018

Course Description—“Writing in the Contemporary”: UCWR 110 is a rhetorically oriented reading and writing course in which you will analyze, evaluate, and produce both written and visual texts. This course builds on your preexisting writing and rhetorical skills—academic and otherwise—helping you become a critical reader and adept communicator. The writing and critical thinking skills honed during class are practiced in service of your time in and beyond Loyola. In addition to cultivating a sense of the conventions of academic writing, this class will focus on writing “in” our contemporary moment, considering how writing responds to, is disseminated in, and produces (“writes in”) the present. Towards this end, the course assignments, reading, and your writing will engage with critical, ongoing conversations about the present.

Class Blog: In addition to traditional paper assignments, you will help curate our class blog. Beyond the five major assignments, you will contribute short (8-10 sentences) thoughtful responses to an assigned reading four (4) times throughout the semester. These responses should critically engage with some aspect of the assigned reading: an idea from the article, a quote you select, or a question you pose to the text. Your writing should demonstrate a familiarity with the entire reading and provide more than summary. Your response should be posted on out blog no later than 9pm the night before class. In order to facilitate both on and offline conversations, you are also required to respond to at least two other students’ posts each time you post, hopefully responding to everyone in the class. These responses can be shorter, but should remain substantial and engage with your peers’ writing—pose a question, suggest a route for further analysis or discussion, discuss something related you found in the reading. Often, we’ll begin class by discussing what students wrote and what others responded to. You can find an in-depth write up of the blogging assignment on Sakai.

Note: This may be obvious, but be sure never to post private information-where you live, phone numbers, etc.-on the class blog. It's (1) not relevant to the course, and (2) is a safety concern.

Date: Reading:
Week One - Introduction to Class: Describing the Contemporary
1/17 Wednesday Introduction and Syllabus
1/19 Friday Gallop, “The Ethics of Close Reading,” WR: “Summary”
Week Two - Higher Ed.
1/22 Monday TS: Intro. & Ch 1, “They Say,” Erickson, “Edutopia
1/24 Wednesday Ahmed, “Against Students
1/26 Friday Peer Workshop (Summary), Morris and Stommel, “A Guide for Resisting EdTech
Week Three - Consumption
1/29 Monday Summary Due, WR: “Analysis”
1/31 Wednesday TS: Ch 12, “What’s Motivating the Writer,” Greenfield, “Unfit for Consumption
2/2 Friday TS: Ch 3, “The Art of Quoting,” Syme, “Selfie” pt. 3-4
Week Four - The Millennial Economy
2/5 Monday Hobbes, “Poor Millennials
2/7 Wednesday Harris, “The Cost of Being a Millennial
2/9 Friday Peer Workshop (Analysis Paper)
Week Five - Digital Discourses
2/12 Monday Analysis Due, WR: “Synthesis,” Davis, “Face to Interface
2/14 Wednesday TS: Ch 4, “Three Ways to Respond,” Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Jurgenson, “The Disconnectionists"
2/16 Friday TS: Ch 5, “Distinguishing What You Say…” Horning, “Me Meme
Week Six - Digital Discourses II
2/19 Monday TS: Ch 6, “Planting a Naysayer,” Felix, “It’s All You
2/21 Wednesday Wednesday: TS: Ch 8, “Connecting the Parts,” K-Hole, “Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom
2/23 Friday Peer Workshop (Synthesis Paper)
Week Seven - Towards a Research Paper
2/26 Monday Jackson, “A Unified Theory of Meme Death
2/28 Wednesday TS: Ch 7, “Saying Why it Matters,” Puar, “Hands up, Don’t Shoot!
3/2 Friday Synthesis Paper Due, WR: “Researched Argument”
Week Eight - Spring Break
3/5 Monday No Class
3/7 Wednesday No Class
3/9 Friday No Class
Week Nine - Honing Voice
3/12 Monday TS: Ch 9, “Academic Writing…” Anzaldúa, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue
3/14 Wednesday Research Session with Librarian, Rankine, “The Condition of Black Life…” “You are in the dark, in the car…
3/16 Friday Evaluating Sources
Week Ten - Resources
3/19 Monday Sample Research Papers
3/21 Wednesday Research Proposal Due, Library Visit
3/23 Friday Thesis Workshop and Research Day
Week Eleven - Metacommentary
3/26 Monday Annotated Bibliography Due, TS: Ch 10 “The Art of Metacommentary,” St. Felix, “Black Teens are Breaking the Internet…
3/28 Wednesday TS: Ch 11 “I Take Your Point,” Zeynep Tufekci, “It’s the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech
3/30 Friday Easter Break
Week Twelve - Workshops and Conferences
4/2 Monday Easter Break
4/4 Wednesday Introduction Workshop
4/6 Friday Student Conferences
Week Thirteen - Workshops and Conferences II
4/9 Monday Student Conferences
4/11 Wednesday Student Conferences
4/13 Friday Conclusion Workshop
Week Fourteen - Presentations
4/16 Monday Peer Workshop
4/18 Wednesday Presentations
4/20 Friday Presentations
Week Fifteen - Tomorrow's Contemporary
4/23 Monday TBA
4/25 Wednesday TBA
4/27 Friday Reflection Essay Due