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[010 - review of Stacy Alaimo's Exposed]

January 04, 2018

alex christie

I recently reviewed Stacy Alaimo's Exposed over at ASAP/J. The review focuses on Alaimo's utilization of art and activism that foregrounds the trans-corporeal nature of subjectivity and embodiment. By interweaving geo- and biopolitical concerns into her theorization of the anthropocene, Alaimo's work 'reorients attention to the seemingly mundane political and aesthetic practices of co-inhabitation that shape humans and their environments.' You can find the review at ASAP/J.

[009 - smooth talk]

November 02, 2017

alex christie

The good folks over at Real Life Mag were kind enough to let me write about Grammarly, fungible subjectivity, and becoming no one. The essay explores our capitulation to optimization/augmentation apps, which ultimately subordinate content to form, effectively rendering the user as anyone -- the faceless subject of neoliberalism. You can read the essay here.