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In finalizing the current version of my portfolio, I wanted to offer a dark mode toggle as a proof of concept, practice working with emotion.js, and just for usability because my blog and portfolio are so light. To implement this, I utilize a toggle component to control state, emotion.js's <Global /> styles to inject some styles at :root, and browser supported variables to change everything from font color to backgrounds to link colors.


[01 - programmatic menus in Gatsby]

January 20, 2019

alex christie

Programmatically generating menus is a difficult concept at first because it seems simple enough just to hardcode your menu into a component. However, making a reusable and data agnostic menu component is really easy and can travel with you from project to project. Here, I want to outline two approaches to generating menus from your data. The first involves defining menu items in markdown frontmatter, which can be useful when designing sites for folks less familiar with javascript or coding more generally. The second is an iteration on the current Gatsby documentation that skips using GraphQL fragments in favor of a meta config file.