inadequate futures

engl 273 - fall 2016

engl 273: remediating narrative
Fall 2016

Twitter, Netflix, iTunes. Vimeo, Soundcloud, Tumblr. The way we access and consume both media and narratives has changed radically over the past decade and a half. With this transformation comes a shift in how narratives are formed and disseminated—television shows begin to look like novels while novels begin to resemble websites; entire seasons of television are released in a single day; Vimeo, YouTube, and iTunes become essential spaces for long form journalism and serialized narratives. These shifts prompt some questions: how exactly do these narratives differ (in form and content) from those 20, 30, or 40 years ago? How has technology, like the Internet or eReaders, changed the novel or how we read? How have televisual narratives adapted to streaming providers like Netflix or Amazon? Following Fredrich Kittler’s claim that “media determine our situation,” this class will examine two (among other) interwoven questions: How has narrative, especially the novel and television, adapted and responded to contemporary technologies, and how has our experience and consumption of these narratives changed as a result?

    Required Texts:
  • Danielewski, The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May [978-0375714948]
  • Markson, This is Not a Novel [978-1582431338]
  • Nelson, The Red Parts [978-1555977368]
  • Rankine, Don't Let Me Be Lonely [978-1555974077]
  • Ware, Building Stories [978-0375424335] [note: please do not buy this right away. wait until later in the semester]

Date: Reading:
week 1: introduction
8/29 Monday Course Intro, Stokes, ‘No, you’re not entitled to your opinion
8/31 Wednesday Gallop, ‘The Ethics of Close Reading
9/2 Friday Faulkner, 'A Rose for Emily'
week 2: what might narrative do?
9/5 Monday Labor Day: No Class
9/7 Wednesday Cole, 'Hafiz,' and 'Seven Short Stories About Drones,' La Force, 'The Boundary-Pushing Novelist Who's Made Twitter His New Medium'
9/9 Friday Kumar, A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb, 'Introduction: Have You Seen This Man?'
week 3: what might its/our threshold be?
9/12 Monday Foster-Wallace, 'Good Old Neon'
9/14 Wednesday Saunders, 'Escape from Spiderhead'
9/16 Friday index of love
week 4: intro to autotheory
9/19 Monday Rankine, Don't Let Me Be Lonely 1-60
9/21 Wednesday Rankine, Don't Let Me Be Lonely 61-96, Gay, 'From the Shelves: Roxane Gay on Claudia Rankine's Don't Let Me Be Lonely'
9/23 Friday Rankine, Don't Let Me Be Lonely 97-131
week 5: autotheory and memoir
9/26 Monday Nelson, The Red Parts 1-74, 'Interview with Nelson'
9/28 Wednesday Nelson, The Red Parts 75-132, Excerpt from Bluets
9/30 Friday Nelson, The Red Parts 133-195
week 6: breaking the novel
10/3 Monday Markson, This is Not a Novel 1-75
10/5 Wednesday Markson, This is Not a Novel 76-132
10/7 Friday Markson, This is Not a Novel 133-190
week 7: the (un)familiar
10/10 Monday Mid-Semester Break: No Class
10/12 Wednesday Danielewski, The Familiar 1-99, 'Danielewski Returns With A Long, Sideways Look At The Familiar'
10/14 Friday Danielewski, The Familiar 100-235
week 8: more (un)canniness
10/17 Monday Danielewski, The Familiar 236-352, LeClair, 'The Familiar, by Mark Danielewski'
10/19 Wednesday Danielewski, The Familiar 353-454
10/21 Friday Danielewski, The Familiar 455-562
week 9: (re)mediating television
10/24 Monday Danielewski, The Familiar 563-655
10/26 Wednesday Danielewski, The Familiar 656-772
10/28 Friday Danielewski, The Familiar 773-880, Sheehan, 'Will The Familiar Kill the Novel? No, but It Comes Close'
week 10: w(h)ither television, or, 'on binging'
10/31 Monday BoJack Horseman Season 1, Poniewozik, ‘Streaming TV Isn’t…
11/2 Wednesday BoJack Horseman, Kindley, Hu, Maciak, 'BoJack Horseman Season Three'
11/4 Friday BoJack Horseman
week 11: complex(?) television
11/7 Monday Mad Men, 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,' 'Ladies Room,' 'New Amsterdam,' '5G,' Mittell, 'Narrative Complexity...' [optional: Mad Men, 'Marriage of Figaro']
11/9 Wednesday Mad Men, 'Babylon,' 'Red in the Face,' 'The Hobo Code,' Auerbach, 'The Cosmology of Serialized Television' [optional: Mad Men, 'Shoot,' 'Long Weekend']
11/11 Friday Mad Men, 'Indian Summer,' 'Nixon vs. Kennedy,' 'The Wheel,' Peterson, 'Don Draper 101'
week 12: podcasts
11/14 Monday Alice Isn't Dead Pt 1 Ch 1-4, Lapidos, 'I Love Serial Entertainment And So Can You'
11/16 Wednesday Alice Isn't Dead Pt 1 Ch 5-8
11/18 Friday Alice Isn't Dead Pt 1 Ch 9-10
week 13: intro to comics
11/21 Monday McCloud, Understanding Comics [excerpts]
11/23 Wednesday Thanksgiving Break: No Class
11/25 Friday Thanksgiving Break: No Class
week 14: Building Stories
11/28 Monday Ware, Building Stories - Group Exploration
11/30 Wednesday Ware, Building Stories - Group Exploration
12/2 Friday Ware, Building Stories - Large Group Discussion
week 15: building stories
12/5 Monday Ware, Building Stories - Large Group Discussion
12/7 Wednesday Group Presentations
12/9 Friday Group Presentations